What can Fusion offer you?



Fusion Training & Development offer a rage of certified and non-certified programmes. These programmes focus on the growth in skills, confidence and knowledge of our participants.


Our programmes are highly interactive and driven by the needs of our participants. That is how adults best learn.


Fusion also engages with organisations in clarifying issues of vision, strategy, future direction and in the area of Flourishing & Wellbeing.

Fusion’s programmes help people grow in skill, knowledge and confidence. The philosophy of Fusion is that if people are more at ease and accepting of themselves, they will inevitably flourish, feel more motivated and achieve more in their personal and working lives. They will be more at ease with others, and perform better in teams, their families and their community.

Fusion believe that people learn when they are actively involved in the learning process: as a result, all our programmes are highly participative, and dynamic. Fusion aims to generate understanding and knowledge rather than impart information.

Competitive advantage is gained by those that have the skills to connect with others and build relationships – this is easier said than done, and advanced people skills need to be honed, practiced and developed for any organisation whose business is people.

Crossing the Threshold

Gerard Fitzpatrick, the Managing Director of Fusion, recently published his latest book, Crossing the Threshold: A Facilitator’s Guide to Running Developmental and Support Groups (Fusion Press, 2020). His previous book Effective Group Leadership: Insights of a Practitioner (Orpen Press) was widely and highly favourably reviewed.

Gerard has worked with a broad range of organisations across all sectors. He has found, whether working with graduates or the most marginalised, that the chief barriers to progression for most people are confidence and self-belief.

These are issues all Fusion programmes address.

Fusion Training and Development are able to offer their clients tailor made programmes driven by the clients’ specific needs.