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Effective Group Leadership

Effective Group Leadership

(Orpen Press)

Gerard’s first book on group facilitation is entitled Effective Group Leadership: Insights of a Practitoner (Orpen Press, 2016). The book asks challenging questions of those of us drawn to the role of group facilitator. Taking as its cue Carl Rogers’ tenet that those working on the development of others ought to be in an ongoing process of development themselves, the book explores the topic of the ongoing growth and development of a working facilitator. Though strongly informed by a broad range of theory, the ultimate aim of the book is to help us become better group leaders. The book is laden with stories and case studies of Gerard’s long engagement with groups. It is written in a flowing, engaging and accessible style. The book was widely and very favourably reviewed in a range of Irish Journals.
Crossing the Threshold
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Crossing the threshold

(Fusion Press)

This book is principally aimed at being a practical support for those running developmental and support groups. Nonetheless, the document’s practical considerations are grounded in a sound theoretical base in order to add depth, substance and orientation to our efforts in leading group.
The book was written in collaboration with FASN, an organisation that supports families that have a member in active addiction and is chiefly focused on working with developmental and support groups. It is available for free download.
Report On Ex-prisoner Programme
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Report On
ex-prisoner Programme

‘A long haul’: Report on a development partnership’s intervention for the progression of former prisoners in Cork City, launched by John Lonergan,
Carried out at the behest of the Steering Group:
• Department of Social and Family Affairs
• Cork Alliance Centre
• The Linkage Programme
• Churchfield Youth & Community Trust
• Cork City Local Employment Service

By Gerard Fitzpatrick
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