What others say about Fusion Training?


SICAP Manager, Dublin

I have had the pleasure of working with Ger on a number of occasions. I have attended various training including Training Delivery & Evaluation (Train the Trainer) as well as a bespoke training session in Supervision Skills.

I have also worked with Ger to facilitate groups I engage with in my role as an Employment Manager within the community sector.

I have always found Ger to be exceptionally easy to deal with and highly professional. As a facilitator, Ger's style is immersive and the learning takes place by experiencing how a group should be facilitated by the amazing way in which Ger facilitates all his groups.

It is hard to put into words the bond that develops within a group when Ger is facilitating, his energy, his astonishing wealth of knowledge as well as experience, paired with his unrivaled empathy sets these training sessions a mile apart from any other I have ever participated in.

The learning is extremely practical and for anyone working with groups, the confidence you build to bring back into your work is amazing. I could not recommend Ger more highly!

Peter O’Toole

B.A., Msc, Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I.

Following on from doing my initial Group Facilitation Training with Fusion over 10 years ago, I have made continual bookings with the team ever since.

I have worked with numerous organisations, led by volunteers and staff who have used Fusion as our preferred provider for Group Facilitation and Train the Trainer courses.

Ger and his approach to imparting the necessary skills in an accessible and enjoyable manner has resulted in our participants feeling tremendously empowered by their overall experience and often looking to train again in a different area that Fusion facilitates.

Ger and his Team have made significant efforts to include learners from very diverse backgrounds and educational standards and the good humour, coupled with sound theoretical orientation, has continued to make Fusion my first choice of training provider.

Gwen McKenna

Director, FASN

F.A.S.N provides crucial support to families experiencing the consequences of having one (or more) of their members in active addiction.

In 2014 we contacted Ger Fitzpatrick, Fusion Training to deliver the Level 6 Facilitation Skills Course. Ger was hugely flexible. His training is tremendously interactive and catered for the needs of the group. The fact that twelve people gave up their weekends and gave full attendances was testament to his dynamic and engaging work. We had a 100% pass rate.

Over the years Ger has trained all our facilitators and we hope to continue this arrangement.

On the 30th September 2020 as the result of a long standing collaboration between F.A.S.N and Fusion Training and Development, the Minister for the National Drug Strategy, Frank
Feighan TD launched Ger's brilliant book on facilitation at a virtual book launch.

The book is called Crossing the Threshold – A facilitator's guide to running developmental and support groups and was expertly written by Ger. This book is an invaluable resource for us and any facilitators running developmental and support groups.

Michelle Mallon

Manager in several sectors

I first worked with Ger back in 2015 as a participant on his QQI Train the Trainer programme.

Ger is fantastic at helping participants understand the required content, but he has this unique ability of making it feel real and applicable to your everyday life.

His capacity to hold groups and make you feel safe is something I’ve never experienced before and enables participants to open up and seek guidance on issues they may be experiencing with their own groups.

Ger models what a facilitator should be; open, honest, kind, warm, full of empathy and extremely knowledgeable with exceptional leadership skills. It was one of the best pieces of training I’ve experienced to date - in fact it was the best.

As a result, I have sought out Ger to deliver a wide range of training, both accredited and bespoke, for every other organisation I’ve worked in.

His ability to design a piece of training based on group needs/dynamics is excellent. I would highly recommend Ger to any organisation and will continue to seek him out for as long he’s available.



I undertook Training Delivery & Evaluation and Working with Groups with Fusion Training recently.  I found the content and delivery of both programmes excellent!

The facilitator (Ger) took each individual where they were at. He created a safe space, and very rapidly helped us to morph into a cohesive and productive group.

He seamlessly integrated complex theoretical concepts with participants' experiences, combining theory with practice and making our learning experiences rich and rewarding.

Having done these truly outstanding courses, I would thoroughly recommend them to others who wish to become more effective in leading training, support and developmental groups. And for those interested in their own ongoing growth and development.

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