Conflict Management

QQI Level 6 6N2775

Online course

The programme consists of five full days of in-person training, one day a week for five weeks. The programme is offered at a reduced rate of €495 per participant. The programme is delivered in person. Our next course will be held in February 2024.

In-house groups are available nationwide all year round.

For further information, contact Gerard Fitzpatrick at 083 3482333, or by e-mail via our contact page.

All participants get a free pdf copy of our acclaimed books, Crossing the Threshold (Fusion Press, 2020) and Effective Group Leadership (Orpen Press, 2016) which deal with subjects such as conflict in group settings.

The programme is aimed at people who wish to understand, manage and resolve conflict. Participants will get the opportunity to explore the significance of conflict in their lives, consider their own behaviour in conflict scenarios and learn applicable skills in dealing with conflict. The programme focuses on the nature and origins of aggression and anger, and human responses when confronted with same. A number of Conflict Resolution techniques will be modelled and assessed. Conflict in the workplace, its effects and its resolution will be explored in depth.

Benefits of the Programme

The programme will be particularly useful to those who work in or lead teams, or who work with the public. It will help those who wish to be more confident and less fearful dealing with conflict. It is envisaged that those who undertake the programme will become more confident and competent in conflict situations, equipped with greater theoretical and psychological understanding of conflict and equipped with practical skills in its management and resolution. They will be more aware of the effects of Conflict on them, and more comfortable with their own response to same.

Style of Programme

Adults learn by doing, and a number of conflict resolution techniques will be modelled and practiced. The programme will be experiential and participative: there will be lots of activity, interaction, skills application and no powerpoint!

Course Content

  • The nature of human diversity: understanding and working with difference
  • The nature, inevitability and prevalence of conflict
  • Coping with conflict in unequal power situations: Bullying
  • Reactions to conflict: Fight, flight or freeze
  • Understanding the nature and role of conflict in groups
  • Internal conflict: understanding and managing the inner critic
  • Conflict & trauma
  • Conflict resolution techniques: Skills application.
  • Understanding and managing aggressive behaviour
  • Instructive Case Studies of organisational and personal conflict scenarios

Course tutor

Gerard Fitzpatrick has worked as a trainer and group facilitator for twenty years, and has extensive experience of working with the public and private sector. He holds an MA in Group Facilitation, a postgraduate diploma in Training & Development and has trained in Integrative Psychotherapy and Reality Therapy. He also possesses an M.Phil in History. Besides running facilitation and general training groups, Gerard lectures in facilitation, counselling and psychotherapy at third level. He has written a well-received report on his highly successful and innovative work with ex-prisoners which is available for free on this website. He has also published two major, widely reviewed and very well received books on group facilitation.

Entry Requirements and Progression

To access this Level 6 programme, potential participants need to have completed a level 5 qualification. However, should applicants have notable levels of work or personal experience in the field, it is possible that this may qualify them for a place on the course. Further details are available in our Student Handbook which we will forward to you on request. Moreover, the Course Director is available to discuss the matter further at 083 3482333.

Those who complete a Level 6 programme will be eligible to complete further Level 6 components and advance to a Major Certificate Award, or progress to a Level 7 award. The Course Director will be pleased to discuss these options and opportunities with you further.

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