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Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold

This book is principally aimed at being a practical support for those running developmental and support groups. Nonetheless, the document’s practical considerations are grounded in a sound theoretical base in order to add depth, substance and orientation to our efforts in leading groups.

Every section of this document contains reflective questions designed to get the reader to think about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why. It brings us into the minds of participants, to discover what it is they need from the group facilitator, and asks the group leader ‘what skills and qualities do you need to support these participants grow and recover’?

The text contains many case studies, stories of often dramatic real life scenarios, to give the reader a live sense of the feel of a group and the issues that can arise therein. The case studies afford the opportunity to highlight the fact that we are most of the time thinking on our feet when running groups, and are often uncertain of our next steps.

The text focuses a great deal on the facilitator’s own growth and development, and the qualities and characteristics s/he might need to engage successfully with groups and surmount the range of complex and indeterminate scenarios we might encounter there.

Whilst not skirting or avoiding complexity, this book is written in a fluid, graceful and easy to read style. It is a must-read for any developing group facilitator. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

“This book is aimed at those who facilitate developmental and support groups: those who run groups aimed at the growth, progression and recovery of their participants. Its clear flowing language captures the complexity of groups in a most revealing way. The text carries its learning lightly. It shines a light directly to the beating heart of groups, how they form, how they develop, how they function and thrive. Actual and aspiring group leaders will be the richer for reading it.” (Susan Long, Cork City Local Employment Service, editor).

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